Wheeling WV’s Bishop Bransfield had truly lavish tastes

Deserved an article in Gent’s Quarterly or Vogue.

1. He had a personal chef whom he sent to France for two weeks to learn how to prepare gourmet food as the French prepare it. The chef enjoyed his time there and said he was amazed at how the French care for their vegetables

2. He had a sunken bar installed in his mansion on Elmwood Place, Wheeling, along with a huge wine cellar (be assured there was neither Boone’s Farm nor Mad Dog 20/20 on his shelves)

3. He took NUMEROUS first-class fights to Rome each year, always accompanied and always carrying a significant amount of dollars converted to euros

4. On one occasion while dining at the Chop House restaurant in Charleston he told an associate he had considered buying a helicopter for the diocese but ruled that purchase out because, “that would send the people over the deep end”

There were limits that he recognized. Not enough, however, and he lost his high office.

And there’s more about his tastes, here: LES FEMMES – THE TRUTH: 


Blithe Spirit

Holy mackerel!  The guy who stood in for the peremptorily fired Jesuit president of Wheeling Jesuit U. in W. Va. in 2009, very big man on campus whose regular job there was to run or oversee federally funded programs involving millions of tax dollars, is being investigated by the federal government.

A federal investigation into J. Davitt McAteer and Wheeling Jesuit University appears to center on how the university handled federal funds between 2005 and 2011 — with an emphasis on how it billed expenses under grant programs or cooperative agreements, court documents indicate.

Documents by those seeking to unseal the warrants

show that NASA, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Inspector General and other agencies seized documents from McAteer’s offices in Wheeling and Shepherdstown on Feb. 16. McAteer, an attorney and former head of the federal Mine Safety and Health Administration, runs WJU’s Office of Sponsored Programs.

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Father Owino sentenced

Here are the stories:

Former NH priest sentenced on molestation charge

Fairfax County Circuit Judge Michael Devine sentenced Felix Owino on Friday to five years, but suspended all but nine months of the sentence, according to the court clerk’s office. Owino already has served seven months. Owino pleaded guilty in September NECN · 35 minutes ago

W.Va. priest sentenced on molestation conviction
Fairfax County Circuit Judge Michael Devine sentenced Felix Owino on Friday to five years, but suspended all but nine months of the sentence, according to the court clerk’s office. Owino already has served seven months. Owino pleaded guilty in September NECN · 53 minutes ago


Priest Who Sexually Abused Girl Gets Suspended Sentence; Will Serve 1 1/2 Months
A former local priest will serve less than two more months in jail for sexual assaulting a child in Virginia. Rev. Felix Owino pleaded guilty in September to inappropriately touching an 11-year-old girl last year in Fairfax. WTOV 9 · 2 hours ago


Former Ohio Valley Priest Sentenced for Sexual Assault Against Child
FAIRFAX, Va. — A local priest is sentenced for sexual assault in a Fairfax, Va. courtroom. Father Felix Owino was sentenced Friday to five years, with all but nine months suspended. Owino was credited for the seven The State Journal · 1 hour ago

Former WV Priest Sentenced For Virginia Crime
Fr. Felix C. Owino was sentenced to five years and nine months in prison after a previous guilty to plea to aggravated sexual battery involving an 11-year-old girl. The judge suspended five years of the sentence and ordered Owino to jail for nine months.Metro News · 2 hours ago

Giulietti file WTOV9

Oct  22, 2010
faculty, administers and alumni — who are leading in academic, professional and financial progress.” Wheeling Jesuit’s previous president, Julio Giulietti, was fired in August 2009. Sister Francis …

Feb  15, 2010

identity. It’s an exciting time for us to be moving forward in this way.” Wheeling Jesuit University eighth president, Julio Giulietti, S.J. stepped down on Aug. 5, 2009 and is now at Loyola …

Nov  13, 2009

Rev. Julio Giulietti, earlier this year. Haid served as an unpaid assistant, helping to generate donations to the university under Giulietti. Haid said he believes the Jesuit was forced out in a power …

Oct  09, 2009

people in Pittsburgh Oct. 12-13. The choices will then be narrowed to three who will visit campus for further interviews. Wheeling Jesuit is replacing Julio Giulietti, who was fired Aug. …

Aug  31, 2009

Bill Fisher said two employees, one student and one community representative will help five board members choose candidates to replace the Rev. Julio Giulietti. The Board of Trustees fired Giulietti …

Aug  07, 2009

The Rev. Julio Giulietti left his position as president on Wednesday. According to a news release, Giulietti left the university to continue pursuit of his ministry, which has focused on spirituality, …

Sep  24, 2008

McDonough Center sports a 2,200- seat performance gymnasium, a practice gymnasium, a swimming pool, racquetball courts and a fitness center. Rev. Julio Giulietti has recently been named the eighth president …

Aug  22, 2008

this year’s ranking. Wheeling Jesuit has made the list for the past 12 years. University president Rev. Julio Giulietti said the ranking reflects the school’s high academic standards and its …

Jul  24, 2008

rent space from the school. Mount de Chantal closed at the end of the school year due to financial problems. Rev. Julio Giulietti, president of Wheeling Jesuit, said the college is looking to expand …

Aug  13, 2007

Wheeling Jesuit University Gets New President. Wheeling Jesuit University’s eighth president officially took office on Monday. Rev. Julio Giulietti was selected for the position in February. He …


Hofreuter file

Aug  07, 2009
was a change in leadership so suddenly, especially with the fall semester just weeks away. Fisher would only say that the Board Of Trustees’ actions are confidential. Dr. Donald Hofreuter, a member …
May  23, 2007
Local Children’s Museum Can Stay Open. WHEELING, W. Va. — Volunteers at The Children’s Museum of the Ohio Valley say they will soon be able to bring back programs and staff that were recently cut. …
Mar  24, 2006
said Violi. With the changes, Violi says the hospital can expand on programs and patient care will not be affected. Violi took over as CEO when Dr. Donald Hofreuter unexpectedly retired in early 2006. Violi …
Jan  27, 2006
Interim CEO Named For Wheeling Hospital. Ronald Violi is temporarily taking over the CEO position for Wheeling Hospital. On Thursday, the hospital sent out a press release stating CEO, Dr. Donald Hofreuter, …
Jan  27, 2006
Hofreuter’s Future Plans Still Unclear. A day after announcing the retirement of Wheeling Hospital’s CEO, hospital officials still aren’t commenting on the matter. Dr. Donald Hofreuter served as CEO for …
Jan  26, 2006
Wheeling Hospital CEO Retires. Wheeling hospital’s CEO for the last twelve years is retiring. But we have yet to hear from Doctor Donald Hofreuter himself about the end of his tenure at the one of valley’s …
Jan  26, 2006
Dr. Hofreuter Retiring. Wheeling Hospital announced the retirement of Donald H. Hofreuter, M.D. as President/Chief Executive Officer of Wheeling Hospital. Stay with NEWS9 for continuing coverage.  …
Aug  18, 2005
into details of that examination. But you can rest assured that that investigation was thorough and complete,” said Dr. Donald Hofreuter, CEO of Wheeling Hospital. Wheeling police say the hospital is very …

Jun  14, 2005

to boom during warmer summer months, but it certainly isn’t the only industry on the rise. What about health care? “We’re certainly in the hiring business,” says Wheeling Hospital CEO, Donald Hofreuter, …

Jun  07, 2005

Hospital is answering the call by setting up a family practice clinic in Woodsfield. Wheeling Hospital C.E.O. Dr. Donald Hofreuter and Monroe county commissioner Sonny Block made the formal announcement …

Mar  08, 2005

CEO, Hofreuter relies on his Christian values and a practical, four-point test. “#1, is it legal. #2, is it ethical. If it’s a no on 1 or 2, we don’t move on,” says Dr. Hofreuter, “Third, is it right for …
Mar  30, 2004
In 2003, West Virginia diagnosed 300 new leukemia cases, 400 non-Hodgkin lymphoma cases and 100 myeloma cases. Event co-chair, Dr. Donald Hofreuter of Wheeling Hospital says, “We’re depending upon our fellow …

Jan  16, 2004

limited resources as is manifested by the nursing shortage that we have,” said Dr. Donald Hofreuter, Wheeling Hospital CEO. Six states currently have legislation that protects nurses and caregivers from …
Dec  11, 2003
out don’t cover that strain, even though some of the latest cases in West Virginia have been traced back to it. “This one was a little unexpected,” said Dr. Donald Hofreuter, CEO of Wheeling Hospital. “And …

Mar  10, 2003

of the insurance plan. Doctors can join the plan for only a $1000 assessment. Wheeling Hospital CEO, Dr. Donald Hofreuter says he’s pleased with “the entire bill” and says “West Virginia has legislation …
Feb  19, 2003
has signed on as an employee of Wheeling Hospital and will begin April 1st. Dr. Tindell comes from New York state, where Wheeling Hospital CEO Dr. Donald Hofreuter says Dr. Tindell spent most of his day …
Feb  19, 2003
Tindell is relocating from the state of New York, and Dr. William Henry has been recruited into private practice, joining Doctors Howard Shackelford and John Klay. Wheeling Hospital boss, Dr. Donald Hofreuter …

Bishop Bransfield, Feb. ’05

On February 22, 2005, Bishop Michael J. Bransfield was ordained and installed as the Eighth Bishop of Wheeling-Charleston at the Cathedral of St. Joseph in Wheeling.

Bishop Bransfield currently serves as President of The Papal Foundation, Bala Cynwyd, Pa.; and is a member of the Knights of Columbus and the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre. He currently serves on the Board of Trustees of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception; the Catholic University of America; St. Charles Borromeo Seminary; and the Catholic Distance University, Arlington, Va. Bishop Bransfield is a member of the Communications Committee and the National Collections Committee of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. He is also the liaison for the USCCB to the National Council of Catholic Women.

05 Zook

Promoted to Academic Vice President


04 Zook

Promoted to an academic dean




Fisher to WJU board, July of ’03


Appointed 2003 during Lundy admin. finance director for the Diocese of Wheeling


0007 Acker gone

no surprise. a yr and a half coming, says Tom K. had been urged to find successor.